Why does my EPC say I have no loft insulation?

I have been asked this question several times. The EPC says “Pitched, no insulation (assumed)”, but the occupier knows that it has been insulated. The energy assessment is a non-invasive, evidence based inspection. As such, if the insulation in the loft cannot be seen and measured, it cannot be included. This may be because the loft hatch is sealed and the assessor cannot physically enter the loft space, or the loft space is boarded and therefore the insulation cannot be seen.

Loft insulation in this attic will be assumed because it is boarded
Boarded loft

The software used to generate the EPC will need to make an assumption on the amount of loft insulation that might be installed. It does this based on the building regulations in force at the time of construction. So a property built in the early 1900s would have been built without insulation and that will be reflected in the EPC. Similarly, a property built in the 1990s would have been insulated at the time of the build and the EPC will reflect that with the statement “Pitched, insulated (assumed)”

The EPC however will not recommend loft insulation if there is an assumed amount of insulation there – even if this is assumed to be none. This is because it acknowledges that the DEA has not been able to inspect it and it could indeed already be insulated. The DEA is not allowed to accept the word of anyone that the insulation is there. It must be evidenced.

How can I make sure my loft insulation is recorded?

If you have the certificate of insulation that was issued during insulation then show a copy of this to your DEA. The assessor can use this as evidence. The certificate will clearly show your address and the amount of loft insulation installed.

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