Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have been in existence since 2007 when it became law for all properties with four bedrooms or more to have a Home Information Pack (HIP) before they could be sold. This was extended to all properties for sale or rent shortly afterwards.

The EPC was one of the components of the HIP. The local searches and the water search were also included. In May 2010 the government abolished the HIP but the EPC is still a required, legal document.

The EPC is currently valid for ten years. There is no legal requirement to get it updated before it expires. However, if you have made changes in line with the EPC recommendations., and you are thinking of marketing your property, it makes sense to get your EPC updated.

Is there an EPC on your property already?

It may be that there is already an EPC on your property already. EPCs are not only needed for selling and renting but under ECO 1, there was a requirement for an EPC to calculate the amount of funding available for each measure being installed. You can check whether a valid EPC exists by checking the EPCRegister

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