My boiler has been removed – can I still get an EPC?

Occasionally, when getting properties ready for a new rental, it becomes apparent that the boiler needs to be replaced. I have been asked whether I can still carry out the EPC if the old boiler has been removed and a new one purchased ready for installation.

Faulty Boiler

Of course, I can carry out the EPC inspection. However, the property would get a very low rating as I would need to enter it as “no heating installed”. Even if the landlord produces a receipt for the boiler and provides details of the model number, I cannot enter it. It is against the EPC regulations to accept this as evidence as the boiler needs to be installed (but not necessarily working). Whilst it may seem odd that it is better to have a broken boiler than no boiler at all, the EPC calculations will assume that it will be possible to repair a broken boiler. The landlord can then install the new boiler at the convenience of the tenant.

If I go ahead with the inspection without the boiler present, it is likely that the rating will be below an E. Under the current MEES regulations, it will mean that the landlord will not be able to let the property. The new boiler will need to be installed and a new EPC commissioned so that the property achieves an E rating or better.

The best time to get the EPC is when the landlord is ready to let the property, and all the energy measures are installed. However, if you are unable to wait until the new boiler has been installed then it is better to get the EPC before the boiler is removed.

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