Do I really need an EPC?

I often carry out EPCs at short notice because vendors have not realised they need one. They may be selling to a neighbour or friend or relative and the property has not been marketed with an estate agent. It is only in the final stages of the conveyancing when the solicitor puts all the legal documents together and there is no EPC that the vendor is alerted. It is the vendor that is responsible for providing the certificate, and this must be made available to the buyer.

Selling your property?  You will need an EPC

So even though you have not placed your property in the hands of an estate agent nor advertised it on sites such as rightmove, you will still need to get an EPC. An Energy Performance Certificate is required for all properties that are being sold or let.

There are only a few exemptions :

  • places of worship
  • temporary buildings that will be used for less than 2 years
  • stand-alone buildings with total useful floor space of less than 50 square metres
  • industrial sites, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings that don’t use a lot of energy
  • some buildings that are due to be demolished
  • holiday accommodation that’s rented out for less than 4 months a year or is let under a licence to occupy
  • listed buildings – you should get advice from your local authority conservation officer if the work would alter the building’s character
  • residential buildings intended to be used less than 4 months a year

Energy Performance Certificates are currently valid for ten years. You can check whether you have one for your property on the EPC Register

Order your EPC now

The sale of your property will not progress without the EPC. Contact me on 07954 585337 or order your EPC online now. I can arrange to carry out the inspection and send the completed certificate to your solicitor so that the transaction is not delayed.